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NEW MUSIC by Ominous Words

Unreleased but coming soon. Sasquatch Status will be released first, begining of December, followed by 2 songs a month for all of 2022. Some titles include Hopeless Romantic, Clones, Penny for your thoughts, Wish you were here, Vibin', Tyoestter, and more. Ominous Words has been in the studio, with LD on the Cut, recording all new music. with over 20 new songs completed and 10 more songs almost done, with beats, concepts, and lyrics for a handful more, he's been hard at work and excited to release his new music. He's worked with producers all over the world and artists like Akil of Jurassic 5, Fatlip of Pharcyde, Awol One, Efrem Schulz, and more. Music videos for a lot of these songs will follow. He's already storyboarded videos for Childlike, Sasquatch Status, Clones, and Wish You Were Here.


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