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Ominous Words is donating 100% of the revenue from his new song "I'm So High" to Pot Prisoners.

Ominous Words - Fundraising 420 Style

Ominous Words (Steve Caprio) is at it again, putting his money where his mouth is. His new song, I’m So High, hit streaming services on 4/20, and he’s donating 100% of all revenue from streaming to non-violent pot prisoners.

Yup, listening to his song will make you a certified activist, helping the over 40,000 U.S. citizens wrongfully imprisoned for a plant, all while the cannabis industry generates over one billion dollars in tax revenue annually for California alone.

As the lyrics in this latest song say:

“Anti-policy that don’t free pot prisoners while others profit,

compassion over the nonsense of robbin’.

I stay walkin’ with an active raised fist,

‘cause I’m an activist pissed at laws that exist.”

To get involved, simply add I’m So High by Ominous Words to your favorite playlist on any streaming service, including Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, YouTube, and more. And, listen to it daily! It’s the easiest way to make a difference and to help create real change.

Ominous Words is a multi-dimensional performer and artist, who believes in using his talents to raise awareness about injustices and to make a difference. He is a well-known cannabis branding expert, and has produced mobile games with Snoop Dogg and acted as the design consultant for the Cheech's Stash brand’s California rollout. He was named High Times Artist of the Month and even organized the Purple Haze Music Festival, the first California cannabis permitted event (2009), and was the featured branding expert at the High Times Business Summit (2017). His work in the cannabis industry continues pair activism, art, and business, all to benefit law reform and the greater community.

To go beyond listening to I’m So High by Ominous Words to help raise money, please contact one of the several pot prisoner non-profits, and find out more about what you can do to help.

Learn more about Ominous Words at,

or find Steve Caprio on Instagram at @stevecaprio.


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